Rugby World Cup - Testimonials

Testimonials for Rugby World Cup 2019

“San-san was an excellent tour leader, always on time, always had good info on Japan and things Japanese and attentive to requests from tour party members.” - David Lawler

“Congrats to Ryan for his work during the typhoon, keeping us informed as much as he could when he could - Thank you. Official function could have been a bit longer, however enjoyed it immensely. Tour leaders were great - thank you Ben and Benn R for making the trip enjoyable and informative.” - Luke Croton

“We enjoyed our trip very much. All the staff were very helpful and considerate of our needs.” - Alan McGibbon

“Great way to join in the fun of a major rugby event with like-minded rugby “tragics.” Very well planned tour and run very well.” - Alison Harrington

“Michael was a terrific guide. He brought the competition to life, was respectful of our hosts and the players, and provided great insight to global and Australian rugby. I hope he is on tour in 2023.” - Sally Evans

“An excellent tour, with the Beijing segment and our tour guide there, a real highlight.” - Barry Sullivan

“We wish to highly commend WLR tour representatives on the ground for the handling of hotel concerns in Hiroshima especially Masaru and Ryan. All guides were excellent, knowledgeable and entertaining. Our rugby experts Morgan Turinui & Benn Robinson were truly amazing engaging inclusive of all tour members entertaining and a pleasure to be on tour with. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the tour and the other tour members.” - Wayne Wilkinson

“RWC number four done and dusted. See you in 2023 for number five!” - Stephanie Batt

“Thank you WLR for incorporating excellent day trips allowing guests to fully immerse in Japanese culture. This was further enhanced by use of Shinkansen as fast, efficient transportation-therefore providing the opportunity to see more of Japan and also minimising travel time. A Sumo effort and Samurai execution by WLR of RWC tours! This geisha had a great getaway.
- Sally Edwards

“Overall, great trip, well organised. Access to our former Wallaby tour leaders and ARU dinner were excellent.” - Steven Fairall

“I can find nil faults with any of the tour, from games to tours, tour group to tour leaders, the whole experience was well worthwhile.
See you in 2023!”
- Peter Chapman

“John Donald was an excellent tour leader and Ryan was outstanding in every way👍” - Susan Evans

“Very pleased to have the Wallabies stay with us at Hilton Odawara - very nice we could have interactive sessions with them so that was good thank you WLR !” - Simon Schmidt

“The bus tour leader Michael Hodge was excellent. His knowledge of the game and the Wallabies was fantastic. Ryan was also awesome. During the typhoon I did not see him or Masaru leave the front desk of the Hilton trying to organise the tours next moves and arrange accommodation for the group. ” - Lisa Kirton

“Ben Robinson and Mimi-san were an absolute delight to meet and spend the last few days with. They took the tour to the next level and ensured everyone was having a good time and looked after. Overall, great job by all and you should be extremely proud of what you have achieved.” - Robyn Harn

“Another wonderful trip. Meeting great friends and tour leaders.” - Phillip Brooks

“Every aspect of our tour has been excellent. Nothing was second rate. Retired Wallabies as tour leaders was great, professional and fun. Local guides provided worthwhile information about Japan and its culture. Happy to recommend to anyone who loves Rugby with a blend of experience of the country.” - Hazel Sowerby

“Nobu-san, our Japanese guide was excellent. Loved the app, so comprehensive and helpful. Well done!” - Cathie & David Menck

“The Geisha Getaway was excellent, a great Japanese guide Junko was very knowledgeable and easy to understand. This was our first trip to Japan and we enjoyed the sightseeing and tours. A great experience especially Yokohama Stadium for the Japan v Scotland - a highlight for us.” - Peter Amos

“We enjoyed the tour immensely - meeting new friends, seeing places in Japan we hadn’t visited before and enjoying the rugby all contributed to a great time.” - Damian Barker

“Benn Robinson was brilliant. He was well organised, friendly and knowledgeable and we enjoyed his ‘Break down with Ben’ on the bus trips. Mimi, our local guide was gorgeous and friendly and knowledgeable. They both made our trip pleasurable and easy. We didn’t have to think about anything. We enjoyed every aspect of the holiday. Our heartfelt thanks to them both.” - William Taylor

“Great trip, made all the better by the "ex" wallabies, We had the pleasure of having Morgan as our tour leader. He quietly got things done no fuss no fluster. This man will go far in which ever field he chooses. A very likeable person, who was always there to help and very dry sense of humour. I should also mention Ryan and Ben both very good ambassadors for the code and nice people and likeable.
We are serial WLR travellers, I think this was number 6, this was one of the best.”
- Wayne & Janelle Kirk

“This was our first tour with We Love Rugby and we had a great experience and our tour leader Michael was brilliant!!” - Dianne & Greg Gilmore

Testimonials for Rugby World Cup 2015

“For me now when I hear Rugby World Cup I think We Love Rugby. That simple. Would not do it any other way.” - Jonathan Grose

“We want to thank the WLR team for a very enjoyable 2015 RWC tour experience. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and commend the organization, tour inclusions, accommodation, transport and other trip inclusions. Well done to the very energetic WLR team, we have already lodged our expression of interest with the WLR team for the 2019 RWC tour.” - Peter Diezmann

“We had the best time on the 2015 We Love Rugby tour. Would recommend to anyone thinking of doing a tour. Do it, you won't regret it” - Jack and Kate Vella

“Chanelle was extremely professional and polite, helpful and caring. Zoe was also a very pleasant tour leader. Renee, thank you for your excellent research. We had a great holiday and having the midweek trips made the holiday really interesting and exciting for us. Again thanks girls for your hard, dedicated work.” - Marilyn Mcgee

“A hassle-free way to organise and attend a Rugby World Cup.” - William Kendall

“I would not hesitate to recommend We Love Rugby to any prospective sports travel fan. My wife and I have had a great tour and have met some fantastic people on the way.” - Paul Parker

“We were part of the WLR Explorers Tour to the RWC in 2015. We were impressed with every aspect of the tour. The organisation, the quality of our tour staff, the access to special events, the mid-tour options and the rugby experience were all first class. WLR is obviously a very experienced tour operator and their focus on service and quality shone through. We would unreservedly recommend WLR for a first class rugby touring experience.” - Peter and Bez Graham

“We love rugby so travelling with a tour company of the same name was an easy decision. Best decision ever. Being among Australian supporters at the 2015 Rugby World Cup was so much fun, we met such good people and enjoyed wonderful games, touring and events. Private functions with the players were a real highlight. We will tour with We Love Rugby again.” - Sara and Pete Land

“Thank you to Ryan and Clare for all their efforts whilst on tour. It was a truly memorable time for us. Go wallabies!” - Timothy Olsen

“This was our second RWC with We Love Rugby and we had another fantastic time - games were great, saw some fabulous places, had some great experiences, and also met some beautiful people. Can't wait for Japan in 2019!” - Narelle Barbagallo

“Well done to We Love Rugby. It was our second tour and we are already thinking about the next Rugby World Cup. Thank you for a delightful experience, one to cherish.” - John Barbagallo

An amazing once in a lifetime trip that will be tough to beat, see you in Japan if not before” - David Hill

“We Love Rugby did a wonderful job organising the whole trip, what with the side trips we did to Munich, Prague, Istanbul and Gallipoli as well as the half a dozen games of Rugby that we watched. Just a fantastic trip to remember.” - Peter Rains

“Have enjoyed our trips with WLR and Wallaby Travel as it was. Have made new friends each time and would recommend to young and old.” - Tony Eppell

“We Love Rugby provided us with a wonderful RWC 2015. We had an amazing array of experiences and met some great people along the way. We watched some fabulous games of rugby and it was a trip to remember.” - Penelope Rains

“Wow what a trip of a lifetime thank you WLR. See you in 4 years.” - Marcus Barnard

“You want to travel for rugby & not be bothered with all those pesky booking details? Just do it with WLR.” - Steph Batt

“Been to every RWC and done my own thing in the past but it was great to have a rest and let someone else stress - for not much more $$ either.” - Ron Williams Stockbroker and Surfers Paradise sip n sup club

“Had a great RWC 2015 Tour! It was fantastic to catch up with old Tour friends as well as making new ones! Japan 2019 - here I come!” - Kirsten Moar

“This was our second WLR tour and we enjoyed it immensely. The mix of sport and seeing the sights was excellent. The tour leaders were personable and professional. The pre-tour organisation and support was excellent. Nothing was too much trouble or too difficult for the staff. We unreservedly recommend WLR.” - Allen Simmons

“We Love Rugby provided an extremely professional and flawless service resulting in a fun and memorable trip! Will be returning for Japan 2019!” - Louise Grose

“Enjoyed an excellent rugby tour experience in 2015 with both old and new friends. Already looking forward to World Cup 2019 with We Love Rugby's "Sushi & Samurai" Tour.” - Sally & Mike Edwards

“Extremely professional outfit, great tour leader (Claire), very well run and would thoroughly recommend taking this tour to anyone. Will definitely be booking again.” - Barry McRae

“Wasn't sure what to expect - far exceeded all expectations” - Peter Benson

“Very well put together tour. We joined at 1/4 finals stage and as we are Kiwis, it was arranged for us to go to Cardiff. We did this ourselves but the accommodation and rugby tickets were arranged by WLR. These C grade tickets were actually the best tickets of all the games we saw. It was amazing. The midweek tours were fantastic. We saw a lot and did a lot, however a reasonable level of fitness is required to keep up with the walking and all the travel. Absolutely amazing, thank-you WLR.” - Heather Price-Porter

“This trip was an amazing adventure. The rugby crowds much friendlier than NZ and it was great organisation by We Love Rugby. The tour leaders were wonderful and the Tour venues were superb. Had a fabulous time with the tour guides hired for Prague, Munich, Turkey and the U.K. They were helpful and knowledgable. Our overall Tour Leader Chanelle was a credit to We Love Rugby and her colleagues.” - Malcolm Macpherson

Rugby World Cup - Testimonials